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Copywriter WP theme contains a bunch of features that I would like to elaborate on:

Custom Theme

First off, it is a custom theme developed from scratch. It is not based on any starter theme. It contains all the essential Template files like index.php, header.php, footer.php, home.php, single.php, singular.php, etc.

├── 404.php
├── archive-project.php
├── category.php
├── comments.php
├── footer.php
├── functions.php
├── header.php
├── home.php
├── includes
│   ├── advanced-custom-fields
│   └── custom-posts.php
├── index.php
├── js
│   └── navigation.js
├── node_modules
├── package-lock.json
├── package.json
├── readme.txt
├── sass
├── screenshot.png
├── single-project.php
├── single.php
├── singular.php
├── style.css
├── taxonomy-skills.php
└── template-parts
    ├── content-none.php
    ├── content-page.php
    ├── content-posts.php
    ├── content-projects.php
    ├── content-single.php
    ├── content.php
    └── project.php

The functions.php contains important code like loading in CSS and JS, adding theme support for various features, and registering menu and sidebar.


Displaying a menu is often difficult on mobile devices. Copywriter WP contains JS fpr displaying mobile menu in js/navigation.js . It triggers a button to load the menu on mobile phones.

Menu of Copywriter WP Theme

Custom Post

The theme also contains a custom post named "Projects" and a custom taxonomy "Skills". You can look at its code in the includes/custom-posts.php.

Custom post "Projects" in Copywriter WP Theme

For displaying its content, I added the necessary templates:

Advanced Custom Fields

For the custom post "Project", I also added a custom field named "URL". I used the Advanced Custom Fields plugin for doing this.

After doing that I attached the ACF plugin files with the theme so the theme user does not need to install the ACF plugin.

<a class="url-button" href="<?php the_field('url'); ?>" target="_blank">
  <?php esc_html_e('Visit the project', 'copywriter'); ?> &rarr;

You can find the code for ACF in functions.php from line 42.

Visit the GitHub repository >>

Visit the live site >>